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Welcome to the Civic Forums in Scotland website!


Welcome to the Civic Forums in Scotland website. Developing a sense of civic responsibility and getting communities engaged again requires one thing above all else: participation. However, participation is just the first step. What is key in any internet discussion forum is that the rules of participation are followed.

Internet users have to observe some rules when employing an online forum to foster an amiable and proficient online community. In spite of this indisputable prerequisite while accessing any category of online assistance, spammers will take advantage of the facility provided by forum moderators to popularize their goods and load the forum with customarily useless facts. We hope our members will help us to avoid this.

The important aim of this civic forum is to exchange advice and insight regarding the social issues facing Scotland today, and it is not meant for cheap advertising.

Combination of influences including direct sales experience, the professions, freelance journalism and the newspaper industry.

Scottish independence: Scotland must go into euro, expert claims
AN independent Scotland would have "no choice" other than to join the euro, according to one of the world's foremost experts in economic competitiveness.

Please examine the ground rules first. Try not to post subject matter that has already been posted. Quickly glance over past posts to see if your issue has been dealt with already. This civic forum will lose all meaning if identical issues are continually published. Post to the point and clear headings with a well-suited account in the explanation area of your topic. Abusive statements or disparagement are not tolerated and members must maintain an amiable and responsive view at all times.

She worked for a number of years in marketing and account handling in both Aberdeen and London, before joining the PR Partnership to specialise in public relations.

This does not imply that candid views are not welcome; honesty is one of the major positive qualities of this civic forum. Regardless, keep it civil and polite. Although many of the topics discussed here can be emotive and rouse the passions, nothing will be achieved by getting angry. If you are interested in the Civic Forums in Scotland, feel free to contact us.